Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just a Little Blush

I’m sorry I haven’t been around much for the last two weeks. I’ve just been in a funky, moody state and I’m trying to get out of it.

So this morning I woke up in yet another funky mood. I went about my usual routine:

- Hit snooze twice (sometimes more)
- Groan while getting out of bed
- Start the girls’ breakfast
- Let the dog out
(I should just start calling her Biscuit instead of “the dog,” which is usually said in a grumbly tone, but that’s another story.)
(Another side note – is grumbly even a word??? MS Word says no, but whatever. I’m using it anyway.)
- Feed the animals
- Wake the girls and feed them breakfast

After all this I can finally begin working on myself. I was still feeling funky, or grumbly…..that’s right. I said it again! I put on my foundation and powder and noticed the fine lines creeping up around my face. Another groan. I reached for my powder blush and saw the sample of Clinique cream blush I’ve had for a couple months and thought….hmmm, maybe this will look better with the fine lines I have. So I applied it and….Wow! I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I looked like I was actually blushing, or had a healthy color to my face, which is severely needed sometimes with my pale skin. My mood lifted a little.

After finishing my make up it was time to move on to my hair. Let me re-phrase that: my out-of-control, frizzy-yet-flat, slightly-greasy-because-I-didn’t-feel-like-washing-it hair. How’s that for a visual?

I took one of Savannah’s new cute hair bands (See, I not only steal, uh…”borrow” her shoes, I also snatch her hair accessories.) Anyway…the hair band greatly helped the top of my hair, but the bottom still needed some work. So I threw it back in a ponytail. What do ya know? It showed off my new rosy cheeks.

I’m feeling pretty good going to the closet, but I’m concerned about the almost certain emotional crash later so I picked out my most comfortable work clothes: khakis and a long-sleeved t-shirt, and topped it off with a cardigan for good “professional” measure and my leopard print flats. While putting on my jewelry I saw a pair of large silver hoops I haven’t worn in probably two years and popped those on to go with my pulled back hair. I went to the bathroom to take a look and thought…..not bad. I felt my mood lift even more.

I snatched a couple CD’s I haven’t listened to for a while, good R&B & slightly funk-ay music, and Savannah and I jammed on the way to her school and I continued all the way to work. I’m still in a good mood sitting here at my desk. The fluorescent lights haven’t even managed to zap the good feelings out of me yet.

And just think, it all started with a little rosy cream blush.

Here’s to a good day. Not just for me, but all of us.


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