Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another Edition of Stupid Things My Husband Said This Week

Off we go…

1)“I’m turning this on. You’re next.”
He said this in his best “I’m such a stud” voice when he turned on the dishwasher.

2)“Cause I’m a bad ass.”
His reason for not using a hot pad to lift a pan of boiling water.

3)“You need to start paying attention ‘cause there’s only so much I can do.”
His response when I was worried about having only 2 stupid comments this week. I guess my worry was little premature.

4)“Seeing as how I’m in a be all the best I can be mode…” What? “Seeing as how I, wait. Seeing as how I be...wait. Hold on. Seeing as how I’m in a do your best mode, I’ll annoy you the best I can.”
Or something like that. It’s an obvious nominee for the list, but it was brutal to copy down.

Lovely, huh?


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