Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Growing Too Fast

Sunday after church I was looking at my oldest daughter Savannah and noticing how much she has grown up. She looks like an older teenager…..at 10! We even wear the same shoe size. I purchased a pair of boots for her for Christmas last month and tried them on to be sure they fit well. It’s a great, sneaky way to expand my shoe collection, but it’s too soon. Where’s my little buddy that I used to hang out with?

Savannah was an only child for 8 years and her dad traveled the country for a lot of that time. She and I used to have game days, playing Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land, Hi Ho Cherry-O, until we couldn’t play anymore. Or we’d play various games outside – Nerf baseball, volleyball using the swing as a net, or just throwing a ball back and forth. Other times we’d spend the day out shopping or watching movies together. Most weekends were spent doing as much as we could together since I felt I didn’t see her much during the week.

Granted, we can do all of this now. Being 10 doesn’t prevent you from playing games or shopping, and it definitely doesn’t stop movie watching, but it doesn’t happen near as often. Not with her mom anyway. Last Saturday I asked her if she wanted to play games, but she declined opting to hang out in her room listening to music and reading. She did consent the next day, however, and her dad actually played a boisterous game of Yahtzee with us, which he almost never does. Sarah joined us after her nap and added to the craziness while their baby brother kicked away in my tummy. It was a family affair!

But back to Savannah…..after lamenting the growth spurt of my girl over the weekend she came to me after breakfast this morning to tell me she thinks she started her period.

NOOOO!!!! Another major milestone is hit, and there’s no denying she’s turning into a young lady. There’s also no denying I’m getting older! And that’s the worst of all.


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