Monday, August 9, 2010

Tale of the Projectile Poop

Yes, that's right.

I got hit.

With poop.

All down my shirt.

It was that lovely, stinky, runny breastmilk poop.

Yeah, so, um....Happy Breastfeeding Awareness month. I know I'm certainly more aware.

And, no, this isn't really a tale. It's more.....let's call it sharing an experience.

So Mommyhood really CAN be the shits sometimes.


  1. When Lily was a few weeks old, Matty, who was wearing a blue t-shirt, was changing her and picked her up by putting his hands around her tummy, thus squeezing yellow poop onto his shirt leaving a huge green spot.

  2. It always happened to us while we were in a nice restaurant. I would end up bathing the baby in the bathroom sink and praying that what was on my outfit was not so noticeable.