Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Breastfeeding Story

Happy Breastfeeding Awareness Month!

And Phhttttttttttttttt! to all those people who shot me looks whenever I fed my babies in public.

(I have no idea who this baby is. I found it on the web.)

I ask you people: Would you rather listen to a crying baby or see feet sticking out from under a blanket and maybe hear a little contented gurgle? That's what I thought.

I thought I’d share a funny breastfeeding moment with you guys today in honor of Breastfeeding Awareness. There may be more to come throughout the month, but who knows. I'm spontaneous like that.

When Pace was just a few days old I was feeding him on our bed, one of my favorite spots. It provided direct cold air for the hot flashes I was having and lots of pillows to keep me propped up when I wanted to sleep. Sarah climbed up next to me and noticed that I had a baby attached to me. Out of curiosity she leaned in close, investigating the scene. She looked up at me with a confused look.


“It’s milk for the baby,” I replied.

She tilted her head and gave me her best you-can’t-resist-me-look and said, “Weeth?” Translation: Please?

Luckily I was too tired to laugh, although I did manage a chuckle.

Watching me feed Pace has become boring for her now, but she still loves it when I break out the pump. She likes to watch the milk shoot out and sometimes hits my boob like a ball to help it come out. She gives a whole new meaning to word the dribble.

She's Mommy’s little helper!


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