Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Mother's Lullaby

I wanted to share a song with all of you today. Though I’ve never been the biggest fan of her music, I’ve always liked Sheryl Crow, especially as we’ve aged. I try to forget that she once dated Kid Rock. We all have questionable taste at times.

I was checking out tunes from her latest CD on You Tube when I found this one from a prior album. It’s a song she wrote for her son.

“Lullaby for Wyatt”

The lyrics, the music; it’s all beautiful. The third verse is what really jumped out at me and made me stop everything to write this piece:

I have held you close
And breathed your name, my dear
I was with you then
And will remain, my dear

As I listened to those lines I had visions of holding Pace late in the night while the rest of the house slept.

All is quiet.

It’s just me and Pace.

I hold him close while he eats or I breathe in his scent while his sleeping head lies on my shoulder. I whisper in his ear, “Mommy loves you,” and I snuggle a little closer.

I had this experience with all three of my kids and I will always cherish the warmth of those memories, no matter how far they may roam.

How do I keep you from losing your way
Hope you will find love like I did some day
But love is letting go
And this I'll know

Cause you were mine
For a time

I think that’s every mother’s unsung lullaby.


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