Thursday, July 29, 2010


This is my grandmother, also known as G-ma.

She was born 110 years ago today. She died at 98 while I was pregnant with Savannah, her namesake.

Whenever I would be on my way out of the house, to work, to meet with friends, or just go to the store, she would always have the same offering...

"I have a dollar in my purse. Do you need it?" And if her purse was sitting next to her, she would be reaching in for her billfold before I had a chance to say no. When she died my aunt gave me one of G-ma's billfolds. I put a dollar in it and tucked it away.

There's another memory I have that reminds me just how deep her love ran. I was in fifth grade when my parents separated. My mother drove us to the Piney Woods of East Texas where we lived with G-ma and my Aunt Peggy for the next nine months. That first month was rough. Daddy would call most nights to check in with me and by the end of the call he was struggling to keep his composure. I would hang up bawling. G-ma would draw me a bath and sit on the commode while I cried, my head resting on the edge of the tub. Afterward she would sit beside me on the bed and rub my back until I fell asleep, no matter how long it took.

Thanks, G-ma, for getting me through the rough patches...

And being a bad ass domino partner.

Happy b-day.

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  1. Thanks Yvonne, I'm sitting here at my desk crying my eyes out, thinking about my own grandmother. Your story sounds an awful lot like mine. Thank God we had these special people. Elizabeth Kucinich wrote a touching memorial about her grandmother when she died last year. It was an awesome read.