Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Meeting Peggy

Pace turned one month last week, and in celebration we piled all three kids in the car and headed down a very familiar road to East Texas. Athens, Texas to be exact. After my parents divorced, my mom would drive me to Athens every other weekend where she and my father would make “the transfer” and I’d go off to spend time with my dad in Lufkin until they made another drop Sunday evening.

Pat & I were making our own transfer this time. We were dropping Savannah off to her grandmother, also known as “Ammie” (like Sammy without the S), and also to introduce Pace to his Great Aunt Peggy, my mom’s sister.

Peggy has been a steady fixture in my life. She’s been like a second mother, an older sister, and a great friend all balled into one. She's also a fantastic story teller and can have you laughing so hard that the room is completely silent, except for a few gasps when you can catch your breath. She has stories about her and my mother's childhood that could make your hair stand on end. Stories that include mattresses, mud, and Hitler. They’re absolutely hilarious, but I’ll save those for another day.

What a bunch of misfits we are!


  1. Peggy was absolutely overwhelmed by what you wrote about her. Quoting someone we all knew very well (G-ma, Christmas '97), Peggy said "I am not worthy." She says "sweet hello & love to all."

  2. Well it's the truth and she's definitely worthy.