Saturday, July 10, 2010

Seven Weeks

Pace turned 7 weeks old yesterday.

He’s smiling now and trying to coo. Sometimes he’s successful.

My little man is growing up and it’s going way too fast.

Pretty soon it will be the first day of school

And then we’ll be going to his football games…

or baseball…

or basketball…

or maybe to watch him dance???

Just kidding, Pat.

Then he’ll be leaving for college and Pat and I will have a lonely, quiet, empty house since Pace will most likely be the last to go.


And I go back to work this Monday. The time has gone way too soon.

Does someone know how to stop time for a while?


  1. He is so sweet. I love the picture of Pace and Sarah!!! Are you going back full time or just part time? Who is taking care of Pace when you go? Enjoy Sunday! Are you at least close enough to go home and see him at lunch? Please keep the photos coming they are wonderful!!!

  2. Hey Cricket. I've gone back to full time work, unfortunately. But the kids get to stay home with Dad and drive him crazy until I get home.

    I'm so glad you enjoy the pix. I love adding them to the posts.