Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Procrastination

We had a really good Easter. A service that included a precious little girl asking me for a hug because she liked my singing - so you know that made it the best Easter service ever! We had a fun, tasty lunch with my sister and her family. And we had lots of silly, goofing off time at the house.

My Bad Mom Skills abounded the entire weekend, though. I bought Easter egg dye with every intention to use it. Really, I did.

On Saturday evening, after an hour-long egg hunt at church, then 3 hours of shopping (with no success) for Savannah’s Easter outfit, followed by 2 hours of grocery shopping, I was looking for a quick dinner to make. Savannah came in the kitchen and asked when we would dye the eggs.

** sigh **

“How about after dinner?”

After dinner comes:

“Mom, can we dye the eggs now?”

** sigh **

-- stretch –

“&*^$” ACHE! “&*%^”

“How about tomorrow after lunch?”

Savannah sulked out of the kitchen. Bad Mom strikes again.

I felt guilty so I invited Savannah to lay down with me and read for a while, only to fall asleep and wake at 11:00 realizing I hadn’t put the girls’ Easter baskets together yet. Yikes! I dashed out of bed, as fast as my tired, pregnant body would allow, and assembled everything eating quite a few jelly beans along the way. I laid back down around midnight satisfied that the girls would wake to their goodies and hoping that I may have redeemed myself a little bit.

After Sunday lunch comes and I get the question:

“Mom, can we dye the eggs now?”

** sigh **

** yawn **

-- light bulb pops over my head --

“How about we play Wii together?”


Bad Mom rears her ugly head again.

As of Monday at noon we still don’t have dyed Easter eggs at the house. Savannah ended up sick as a dog last night. Would it be in bad form if we made our eggs the Monday or Tuesday after Easter? Maybe Wednesday? No, I can’t Wednesday. There’s always Thursday. Hmmm…Think the dye tablets will last another year?


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