Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Countdown Continues

Last weekend our friends John and Kim came over with baby stuff in tow. They have a 9 month old boy who is growing like crazy, so they gave us his swing, bouncer, bath chair – or more like a lounger, and even more clothes than what they had given us previously - 2 tubs that’s still waiting to be unpacked. I asked Pat to hide them before they came over.

John and Kim are very much on top of things and despite having 2 dogs, a baby, and 2 full time jobs, their house is always neat and everything is in its place. Oh yes! And they don’t procrastinate. They’re both military people, so there you go. Maybe Pat and I should sign up for boot camp. Uh…

Savannah and I were still on our marathon shopping trip when they came by, and I’m so glad we were. I wouldn’t want to make our friends uncomfortable with my ticks as I saw everything that was wrong with our house, like the dust on the tables, or the dog hair on the floor, or *GASP!* Biscuit’s chair that really needs to go out on the curb. It would start with a little eye twitch, and then progress to a shoulder twitch like Michael Jackson in the “Thriller” video. I might even pop my mouth open like he did in full zombie-wear and then pretty soon they’d think I’d have Tourette Syndrome as cuss words fly out of my mouth when I try to take their attention off the hole in Biscuit’s chair.

Pat said Kim was anxious to see the nursery. He just laughed and said, “This is our third, Kim. This baby’s going wherever we have room.”

You really would have no idea that we’re expecting another baby pretty soon. Of course my wide butt and big belly, not to mention swollen ankles, are pretty big giveaways.

Despite our, or should I say MY, embarrassment at the lack of cleaning and organizing we’ve obviously done in preparation for this baby’s birth, we are so grateful to them for all they’ve given us.

7 weeks to go.

Holy crap! Somebody light a fire under my big butt.


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