Wednesday, April 28, 2010

36 Weeks

Today marks 36 Weeks!

We’re doing pretty well. Not too many complaints.

I will say, though, the Braxton Hicks contractions are a bitch! I didn’t have any with my other two pregnancies, but I definitely am this time. They take my breath away. You’d think with as painful as they can feel some birthing work would be going on in there. You know, a little baby head dropping, or some cervical effacing or dilating. According to the doctor yesterday, everything is still exactly as it was….good and tight.

Peachy. Just peachy.

(Too much info for some of you? Sorry! But that’s where my mind is.)

No more ultrasounds, which Pat and I were bummed about, but it’s a good thing. That means I’m not having any complications. I was looking forward to seeing what the baby looked like all cramped up his womb. I’ve never had one this far along. I’d especially like to view him when he’s punching me, or kicking, or just trying to get comfortable. Sometimes I can’t figure out what in the world is going on in there. I see this little mole hill go from the right side to the left and then suddenly my right hip bone is kicked and I can envision sparks flying off my bladder as he pounces on it.

Maybe he’s taking after his sister Sarah and jumping around to the music on “Dancing with the Stars” and dipping himself with his legs high over his head. I don’t think his daddy would like to picture that too much. Pat was warning me about all the little league football, guitar lessons, GI Joes, and even snakes coming our way. I asked what would happen if he wanted dance lessons? That didn't go over too well.

But, hey, sometimes a dude’s gotta dance! That's how Pat got me on our first date.

I just wish the baby would wait until he’s born to kick up his heels. Then I’ll dance around with him all he wants.

4 weeks to go!


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