Monday, June 7, 2010


Rassa fron ma foo.

I’m so tired that’s about how I talk nowadays. I had completely forgotten just how tired you get with a newborn, which is probably a good thing. I think we’re deliberately set up to forget how painful child birth is, and just how enormously exhausted you are during the first weeks…or months.

I want to enjoy this precious time with Pace so badly, but I keep thinking about how great it will be when I can sleep through the night once again. Or better yet, when all three of my kids can make their own breakfast, dress themselves, and at least one of them can drive. That way I can sleep in until noon if I want.

Who am I kidding? I don’t care how tired I am, I’m not ready for them to grow up.

I love how Savannah still shares her secrets with me and needs me to help with her hair and homework.

I love how Sarah curls up next to me, books in her lap, while I’m feeding Pace, and she melts me with a smile and says, “Hi, Mommy.”

And I love the moments with Pace when he nuzzles my cheek, rooting around for some food. Or when I rub my cheek on top of his soft head and take in that baby smell.

These times are just too sweet to give up yet. You'll just have to excuse me when I start speaking gibberish again.


  1. As a first time mom I prayed for those first 3 months to go fast. I never thought it would get better. When it did I was bummed I wished them away. Plus, Lily was so fat I just would have rolled her around on the floor. I was also very paranoid that I would somehow break her. I think that if we would have had another that it would have been a bit more kick back. I do hope you get a catch up day of sleep so that it makes it easier to keep up with everyone.

    I also wanted to know how you chose (sp) Pace's name? Does he have a nickname yet? And please get Pat to take some more photos with Pace and his sisters. I love how cute they all are together. Makes me smile.


  2. Hey, Cricket!

    Things definitely get more lax with each kid. I was terrified with Savannah and welcomed all the help I could get. With Pace I was shooing the nursery staff out of my room. This is #3, people. I think I know how to change a diaper and breastfeed.

    Our son's full name is Franklin Pace. He's named after Pat's paternal grandfather, who also went by Pace. Pat also had an uncle who was Franklin Pace, Jr. I think of him a lot when I call our son by name.

    I'll post more pictures soon.