Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Little Self Indulgence

This morning after back-to-back feedings, I placed Pace in the bassinet next to our bed and laid down beside Pat. My body collapsed on the sheets from complete exhaustion. I allowed myself a moment of pure indulgence as Pat gently rubbed my arms and legs and Sarah quietly placed stuffed animals around me. I felt like a queen being catered to by her servants.

Pace was on the verge of vocalizing his unhappiness. He wasn’t crying, but occasionally grunting, letting me know that he wasn’t going to let this last for too long. I stole a glance where he lay and could see his arms and legs waving around above the sides of the bassinet. He looked like a water bug on his back trying to turn over.

I closed my eyes and turned my attention back on my euphoria and then…BAM! Sarah’s elbow went into my breast. Thankfully I had just fed Pace or that would have really killed instead of just wounded me. And then another BAM! And her knee slammed into my jelly belly. Bye-bye long-awaited moment of bliss. Hello Mommydom.

Though I will say Mommydom has its own moments of bliss, doesn’t it?


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