Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sweetie Turns Eleven

My baby girl, my “sweetie” as I’ve always called her, turns 11 today.



That means I’m…..



But today is not about me, even though I gave birth to this beautiful girl without drugs. But I won’t start with the guilt trip…yet. She hasn’t pushed me to that point. I figure that will come some time around 14 or 15. I don’t want to waste it and have her be immune to the guilt when I really need it.

I’ve been thinking about what to blog for her birthday for at least a week. What could I say that could live up to the love I have for my first born? The person who helped me realize my dream of becoming a mother.

It occurred to me just now as I’m writing this - I’ll list all the things I love about her. Please note, this list is far from complete.

Another note, this may be sappy.

I love Savannah for…

* the beautiful red fuzz that was on top of her head when she was born.

* recognizing her Daddy’s voice. (She was crying on the warming table. He went over and said, “Hey, Savannah.” She immediately stopped.)

* our moments together in the middle of the night at the hospital. We would just stare at each other as I held her.

* sleeping for 4 hours at a time and allowing me to get some sleep.

* for being so dang photogenic.

* for being a great traveler. (She was such a trooper when we traveled to England without her Dad when she was 4. All the luggage we had to carry through the tube. It was a nightmare, and she loved every minute of it.)

* for dancing when I play the piano.

* for her love of music. (“Music is my life, Mom.”)

* for her beautiful voice.

* for her love of animals and wanting to work in an animal shelter one day.

* for being a great helper in the kitchen.

* for being a kick ass volleyball and basketball player.

* for realizing it’s just a game when she wins or loses.

* for being a fun Wii partner…and reminding me it’s just a game, especially when I lose.

* for still resting her head on my shoulder while we watch tv.

* for being my biggest fan of both my singing and my writing.

* for having her Daddy’s sense of humor.

* for being a sweet, gentle soul.

* for being a loving big sister.

* for being Savannah, and no one else.

Happy 11th birthday!

I love you, Sweetie, more than I can say.

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  1. These pictures are so sweet! I wrote a post about her too--please have her read it :).