Thursday, February 11, 2010

Texas-Sized Mini Snow-pocalypse

I woke this morning to Pat muttering something about an inch of snow outside.

"Whatever," I grumbled and turned over.

"No, really. There's an inch of snow outside."

I finally managed to grunt my way out of bed and looked out. Sure enough, there was a thin blanket of snow covering our backyard. Savannah and I spent the next 20 minutes wishing for a day off. She sat on the coffee table watching the school closures scroll across the screen and I dialed my voicemail at work every few minutes waiting for the inevitable message that the office was closed for the day.

Every few minutes Savannah would yell out, "Awww, man!" and flip to the next channel. Soon afterward I would echo with "Aw, come on!" I mean, this is Dallas. Everything shuts down for an inch of snow, except for the pool halls and grocery stores.

To our dismay, Savannah and I both had a full day at school and work. But when I returned home I took the kids and Biscuit (the dog) outside for a little winter wonderland play time.

Sarah did a little better this time around. She lasted about 15 minutes in the snow before she started crying wanting to go in, as opposed to Christmas when she lasted only 5 minutes. She's not a cold weather baby.

The good sister: Savannah helped Sarah out on to the snow.

"Hey. This isn't so bad."

"Wait. What's this?"


Our cat Gilligan got stuck outside with us. Like Sarah, she couldn't wait to go in.

"Mommy, that was awful!"

"Seriously, don't make me do that again."

Inside safe and warm....

while the two snow freaks stayed outside for at least another hour.

I finally lured them in with biscuit-topped chicken pot pie and Grandma's chocolate cake.

As I write this Pete, our weather guy, says we've had 6-8" of snow. A record for Dallas.

And it's still snowing!

Maybe we'll get our snow day tomorrow.


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