Friday, September 3, 2010


This week has been trying.

This week has been frustrating.

This week has been sad, mixed with anger, mixed with hope.

This week has brought out the lioness in me like no other.

We had… let’s call it “issues” with Savannah’s school this week.

“Issues” that resulted in us pulling her from school.

Pulling her from a school she’s attended since Kindergarten.

I was so angry at the administration of this school.

Then I felt completely broken at the loss…for me….for Savannah.

Now at the beginning of her sixth grade year she will need to start over at a new place, with new kids, new teachers, and the semester has already begun.

I find myself holding my kids, especially my oldest, closer than ever and growling at anyone who dares to come near.

But then a little hope emerged when Savannah and I toured schools together, and we felt ourselves getting excited about one. I swear I saw a future friend walk by. She had the same curly hair as my girl pulled back into a ponytail and she looked at us with a shy smile as she walked by.

This morning I picked up Savannah’s information from her old school for the transfer to become official. As I stood at the office window the Kindergarten class walked by in a single-file line and I could see Savannah, five years old, walking with them. Then the Science teacher Savannah had been looking forward to having this year walked out into the hallway, talking to the kids as they walked by. My heart sank and I could feel the tears well up.

We’ve been a part of this school for over six years and they’ve been a part of us, frustrations and all.

As I turned to leave the office manager said, “Tell Savannah I love her and I’m going to miss her.” I could only nod.

In the car I wiped my eyes and drove away.

We’ve made our decision…

And there’s no looking back.


  1. Geez! I can't imagine what must have occurred to get you to this point! Awful business.

    Have found a school that goes from 6th grade right through to Year 12 so she doesn't have to start fresh again next year? Do they exist outside of the private school world?

    Crossing my fingers for an easy tranistion for her.

  2. Sorry you had such an awful week. I hope that you and Savannah love the new school!!!! Your daughter is so sweet, she should have tons of friends. Us Mama Bears have to stick up for our Cubs. No one else feels the same way about them as we do.

  3. I am thankful that there are mothers like you. Some would not do anything or tell their daughters to toughen up and deal with it. The school, especially a private school, should have policy which does not tolerate bullying. Growing up is filled with enough and we don't want to add bullying to it. Bullying has taken on a form that we are not used to and has become abusive.

    I think it is wonderful you stood up for Savannah and listened to her and helped her through. It will not only give her an opportunity to make many new friends but an example of standing up for herself. I hope all goes well!

    Oh, love the song... David Bowie is my boyfriend.

  4. Tell her I said good luck. Public school is where it's at! :)

  5. Thank you for all the support, ladies.

    For a little more information about what led us to leave the school, we had difficulties with one of the new teachers. When my husband talked to the principal, who is also new, she was very combative, rude, and hung up on him TWICE. Throw in the bullying issue and that was it. We knew we were done.