Thursday, May 13, 2010

Week 38

I had my weekly check up Tuesday and my doctor refused to touch me. No, I didn't stink or look dirty or crouch down on the table blowing air out of my mouth like Mr. Peepers on Saturday Night Live.

My doctor's going out of town this weekend and didn’t want to risk pushing me into labor. I was really hoping something might happen this week until he told me he’d be in Philadelphia Thursday – Sunday. He and the same nurse have delivered both of our girls. I don’t want him to miss delivering our son, nor does he, so I’m good with crossing my legs and sitting tight.

I didn’t say I liked it, but I’ll do it.

For some reason the 30th is sticking out in my head. Don’t know why, and I really hope I’m wrong because that’s more than two weeks away. Okay, not by much, but you see, there’s this meeting next week…

Is it bad of me to want to go into labor so I miss a meeting?

We are getting so close. 2 weeks away!


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