Thursday, January 6, 2011


I admire my mother for many reasons.

She’s immensely talented in music and word.

She’s highly intelligent.

She can laugh at herself.

She found her calling after having kids.

She’s a pioneer in her career.

She‘s given several of the best sermons I’ve ever heard.

She’s a calming presence.

And one thing that gives me hope: she found a way to live out a dream after she qualified for a Senior’s Blue Plate Special.

My mother has had a love affair with England for many, many years. Throughout my childhood and teen years Sunday nights were reserved for British comedies. There was no getting around it, no matter how badly I tried.

She wanted to travel to England throughout her life, but first came college, then came love, then came babies, and then came a career with a not-so-high salary. Dreams of travel drifted further and further away.

Then one day after retirement she heard of a program that sent retired preacher’s to the UK. She applied and, of course, was accepted. A year living in England followed. And she had the time of her life – aside from all of the amazing times she’s had with me, of course; frustrating teen angst and all.

Being a tall, elegant, American lady, she was treated like the Queen herself. Who wouldn’t love that? She lived by the Black Sea, whipped around the roundabouts (going the wrong way, I might add!) in a Mr. Bean car, developed many lasting friendships, and fell in love.

Of course her favorite time that year was when Savannah and I came to stay with her for two weeks.

(I love this picture of Savananah @ 4!)

She’s given me hope that those dreams I’ve yet to accomplish may still come true.

One other thing - she’s showered me with love my entire life.

I love you, Mama.

Happy birthday!


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