Monday, December 21, 2009

What a Day

Last night at dinner Savannah started a conversation that I had tried to make a tradition (unsuccessfully) a few months ago. She asked me and her father for our favorite and least favorite parts of the day. When it was my turn to state my least favorite part of the day I realized…I really didn’t have one, and that brought a huge smile to my face. Usually I can answer right away with something about work, or a silly nitpicking fight that Pat and I had, or feeling I’ve wasted too much time that day. But yesterday was almost perfect.

Our time at church was great. The youth choir sang for our service and then I lead the congregation in Christmas songs with Pat and the band, and I LOVE to sing Christmas songs. Before and after the service many people, whom I now call friends, asked about the pregnancy and provided hugs and compliments for the music. My sister also mentioned my new blog and said how much she enjoyed reading it. (I come from a family of writers. When one of them says they like something I wrote it means a great deal to me.)

After lunch of a good greasy burger to satisfy my craving, I took a good, long nap and didn’t feel guilty about it. Then Savannah I started baking Christmas cookies.

My girl is growing up. She didn’t need me to help with much, but we had a blast together.

After the thought-provoking dinner we drove around Highland Park, the money area of Dallas, with our Starbucks hot chocolate and looked at the decorations. This was Sarah’s first year to take it in. She was adorable.



She even covered her mouth with both hands when she especially liked a house. Precious!

Shame on me for not taking pictures last night, but here’s one of Sarah for good measure.

After putting the girls to bed I took a relaxing bath and went to bed with a huge smile on my face. Nothing spectacular. I didn’t get a raise, meet a role model, or have a life-altering performance in front of a huge crowd. What I did have was a lot of great moments with family and friends and I took the time to really enjoy this most precious holiday season.

What a day!


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