Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I’ve been the victim of a hideous, senseless, moronic, and immature crime.

My computer was slammed, crashed, and broken down by a virus!


Maybe a little.


Oh yeah!

Everything came to a work, my writing, and most importantly, my surfing.

What I don’t get, though, is what gain do these anonymous attackers seek? I realize some are after money and try to hack in to your bank or credit accounts, but all this particular virus (and I’m told it was a nasty one) did was tie up the screen and then it went black. So what does that get them?

Satisfaction that someone has been inconvenienced?

The pleasure in knowing someone’s work has ceased?

You know that last one isn’t necessarily a bad thing when you work in the corporate world. I know I enjoyed my 36 hour break.

But seriously, what kind of person works to make others miserable? It’s very Grinch-like if you ask me. I envision a pear-shaped man with bird legs sitting in the corner rubbing his green hands together with a creepy smile slinking up his face.

Dude, get a life!

It’s really a sad existence when you think about it: living just to make others miserable.

After the smoke cleared from my ears and I rode out the frustration, I started to feel sorry for whoever is responsible for my computer’s illness. I didn’t lose any documents or important photographs – at least not this time. I just went technology-free for a while. I even took the day off from work yesterday and spent it hanging out with my husband and two younger kiddos. We had some great Thai food and a few laughs together, and I was able to relax for a little while.

Maybe I should thank this bird-legged Grinch. His work to inconvenience me just gave me a little breather I needed.


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